What to expect on your first visit

We provide home visits to those who are not able to get out or when it is easier to be seen at home.

Sometimes for neurological patients or intense rehabilitation patients it is better to be seen at home to see how you are managing in your own environment and the issues that may need tackling to ensure relevant functional and effective treatment.

Most patients will be given a questionnaire to ensure we have a validated way to collect how you respond to the treatment you receive.

A follow-up questionnaire may be done at various intervals through your treatment and will be done on discharge. You will be informed of all your test results as we go through the care episode.


You will be asked specific questions associated with the concern that has brought you to Physiotherapy, and about your general health and well being.

Being aware of the intensity of your symptoms will help the physiotherapist to grade your exercises and hands on treatment to you.

You will probably be required to remove a few items of clothing to expose the body part that is your concern and the Physiotherapist will put their hands on you to test the joint, muscle and maybe the nerve in the affected area. Shorts are advisable if the problem is with your back or lower limbs.

The Physiotherapist will endeavour to explain to you the evidence based thinking about your concern and the suggested course of action.