What to expect when attending aquatic physio

Aquatic Physiotherapy or Hydrotherapy is the provision of a specific to you exercise and rehabilitation programme given by a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist in thermo-neutral water (about 35˚C).

Sarah Cox has been treating patients in warm water pools since the early 1990's and has been an active member of National Committees and research projects within the Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Physiotherapy community for more than 14 years, with a specific interest in challenging long term neuromuscular rehabilitation and balance issues on land as well as in the water.

It is a very hands on approach to treatment, you will be in the water together for all your session.

Your first session may be 15-20 mins long depending on how you manage with exercising in warm water, further treatments will progress to longer immersion.

A number of floats and other equipment may be used to assist with stretching or strengthening exercises. You will have your feet on the bottom for most of the session and if specific targeted exercises are needed you will be floated on your back, supported with specific floats and safely guided between positions needed for effective treatment.


The pool

Located in it's own purpose built heated building within the grounds of Ordsall Lodge, there is at the moment limited facilities for the more dependent person. The pool has 5 steps into the flat bottom pool with water depth at approx 1.2m. Changing facilities are a curtained area near the poolside. WC and shower are available on request in the main house.

It is suggested that you come already showered and with your costume on under your clothes ready for your first session.

Towels can be provided if you forget to bring your own. Water will be provided or please bring a small bottle of your favourite cold drink for after the session.

After the session

It is very common to feel quite tired and dehydrated after Aquatic Physiotherapy. You may well feel a stiffness and muscle ache for a couple of days following the session, this is a quite normal muscle response to increase work (lactic acid build up).

If you experience severe pain which lasts more than 4 days please call for advice.